What is My Home Worth?

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Selling a house can be broken down into three of our most basic senses when it comes to a walk through: smell, temperature, and sight.

1. Bake Something: Smells are strongly correlated to emotion and memory. Fresh brownies or muffins make a house smell warm and inviting. Smells can help the buyer to picture themselves in the house. It can also mask any unpleasant odors.

2. Temperature: This is a simple one. In the winter your home should be 72 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer your house should be 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You want your buyers to feel comfortable and not feel rushed in the home.

3. Declutter: No one wants a house that is cluttered. The kitchen counters should have nothing on them at all except for a toaster and a knife block. Hide the chachkies until you are done selling. Put your extra stuff in the closets, so that your rooms look open.

4. First impressions: The first impression is everything on your walk through. Make sure the lawn is mowed and the bushes are trimmed. The front door is also a big first impression. The door should be painted and have new hardware. This is a cheap repair that most don’t realize is so important.

5. Give your home purpose: Remember that people considering your house will discuss it among themselves. Each room will be titled in their discussion, for example “the room with the twin bed” or “the workout room.” If each room has a purpose then it helps buyers assimilate their own living arrangements there.

6. Depersonalize:  You want a buyer to see your house as their own, so that they will do everything they can to buy it. Pictures of you and your family on the wall send a subtle message that this house is not theirs. Also, don’t ever put anything political out on display.

7. Pictures: Pictures for your house listing are way more important than you may think. Most people today get online and flip through pictures of hundreds of houses before going to see one. Your pictures should be level. They should be taken when the weather is perfect. Windows should be open so that there is plenty of light in the house. The house needs to be clean! Lastly, the quality of your photos should be good quality. You cant sell a house to someone unless they are interested in walking in the door.

9. Get the right Agent: Before you can show your house, you need an agent to post your listing. Your agent should be able to help you identify the value of your home and how much it will sell for. If the home is listed too high, potential buyers will not even consider a walk through. If the home is listed too low, you may be undervaluing your home and may walk away with less than the house is really worth. If you are considering selling your home you need a real estate agent with the expertise to get your house on the market for the best price. Email or call me and lets get you moving!


What’s My House Worth?


If you are thinking of selling your home there are three basic ways to determine the selling price.

1. Evaluate the market in your area and make and informed and educated decision

2. Seek a qualified assistance, such as a Real Estate Agent

3. Pay for an appraisal of your home



It is important to price a home right when it is sold.

If the price is too high, it will deter potential buyers

If the house is listed too low, the seller risks making less money than the house is worth.


Valuable Tools

1. Current market value

2. CMA (Competitive Market Analysis)

3. Home appraisal

Simpson Homes provides valuable information on the market in your area. CMA’s are also provided to all clients to determine the value of comparable homes in your area. The team also includes a certified appraiser who’s goal is to ensure the accurate pricing of every home.